Dama Labour Agreement

The standard of labour market testing, including eligible duration, content and advertising means, is set by the Ministry of the Interior for more information on labour market testing requirements, see the Home Office website. In addition, nominated companies must also meet support criteria, including labour market review requirements, and meet the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior`s website. Skilled – Business Migration, Department for Innovation and Skills, is the representative of the designated region (DAR) and co-signer of the agreement and is responsible for overseeing and supporting sponsors under the agreements. This means that companies that have an employment contract under the former DAMA NT (s) must be supported under the current DAMA NT and that they must enter into a new employment contract to designate a sub-category 186 visa. Step 2: Once confirmed, the Ministry of the Interior will contact you and work with you to amend your existing employment contract. DAMas allow employers in South Australia to sponsor a skilled foreign workforce in positions they cannot fill with local labour. Employers with a lack of skills and labour can apply for approval of a DAMA employment contract. This allows them to sponsor a skilled and semi-skilled foreign workforce with more flexible requirements than is available through standard visa programs. The Designated Areas Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a five-year agreement between the Commonwealth and the Design Area Representative (DAR), the Department for Innovation and Skills, Skilled – Business Migration. If you have signed the employment contract with the Ministry of the Interior, you must continue to pay market rates to their foreign workers. See Section 7 of the confirmation form above and document recruitment efforts over the past four months.

This evidence must meet the Australian government`s labour market testing requirements, as more information on labour market testing requirements is available on the Home Office website, which is applicable to employers in designated areas, to encourage skilled and skilled overseas workers who lack skills and manpower.

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