British Horse Society Trial Agreement

Many riders accept a training contract simply occasionally, assuming that the owner will come from time to time to teach on her constantly improving horse. It`s easy to do. But this leaves you open to many potential problems. Without the terms of the training, it is likely that at some point they will not agree with your client, which they should reasonably expect from you. The loan is essentially like owning a horse. The lender is generally responsible for all financial costs and other responsibilities. Usually the horse is required to elect the horses to loan the stables, but some horse owners explain that it must be kept in the current yard. Coverage on the part of the horse known as: If you read it, you may decide to weaken some of the strictest suggestions we have made. You can simply change anything that doesn`t exactly match what you want. Horse owners may end up with a horse they grew up with but don`t want to sell. In these situations, credit can be the ideal solution, as it allows the owner to keep ultimate control of the horse`s future, while someone else takes care of the daily work and costs associated with the maintenance of the horse. Before you sign up for a sharing agreement, it`s important to get together and talk about every point.

These agreements are not intended to favour one party over the other. There will be small practical points that you will add, for example, a person may not want to take care of a Farrier, or it may be important that one of you has access to a riding club on Wednesday afternoons. Once all this is established, the loan player can begin the exciting adventure of coaching and riding on a horse. The owner can also be happy that his horse is well maintained. You always hear the horror stories of horse loans, but that`s only a long way from the number of horses supported by loving and caring loan owners. Owning a horse has a great responsibility that requires a lot of time, care and a large wallet! But every horse owner you fall to is a very rewarding experience if you have your own horse. Sometimes, when personal circumstances change, it means it can be difficult to give time or money to your dear horse. Many are looking for all the viable solutions they can to save them from the sale of a horse, so that the loan of the horse becomes an option.

You can use one of these agreements as a “hand-out” for each client to sign and exchange parts with you, or you can submit a project to a client and agree to negotiate each as a special agreement. First of all, you have to be honest about your own skills and experience with taking a horse on. Many loan players are beginners because it is the perfect way to start owning a horse, and the first few months are a real learning curve. Make sure you have help at hand for the advice that is needed and every owner I know would not be bothered by questions about their own horse care. Do not accept a loan unless you are happy and confident that you can handle the horse. Make sure you are trying to ride the horse on more than one occasion in different environments to get an idea of what the horse is. Take care of the horse on the ground with the horse`s care and notebooks.

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